Sunday to Save Lives

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February 12, 2015

Dear Members of the Annual Conference,

I’ve been working with Imagine No Malaria for over a year now and it’s been a time of growing in love of the people of sub-Saharan Africa and of our United Methodist connection in West Ohio and around the world. Thank you West Ohio!


Last week, in his Annual Conference Offering letter to you, Bishop Palmer asked that a "Sunday to Save Lives"  be held in each and every church in our conference between Ash Wednesday and Pentecost and that I provide you some resources.

The Bishop also asked in his letter that every church across the conference "...believe and do their part in helping us to meet the remainder of our $3.5 million campaign goal" by bringing your commitments and gifts to annual conference in June. There’s a child, a parent, a friend in sub-Saharan Africa who needs your help.

Attached you’ll find some information and ideas you can use to share the life-saving work of Imagine No Malaria. In addition there are many great downloadable resources available from the website, along with stories from fellow congregations across our conference. We hope you'll use these resources and ideas to imagine a unique and personal way your church can respond.

Now I need to ask you a couple of questions.

  • Will you become an advocate and spokesperson in your church for Imagine No Malaria? Advocates are champions for saving lives in each congregation.
  • Will you encourage your church to bring its gifts and giving commitment to Annual Conference this June? We need giving commitments to meet the Bishop's challenge.

What's a giving commitment? It's simply a gift to be given over the next 2 to 3 years to Imagine No Malaria. For example, a 3-year giving commitment at either the Barnabas level ($100 per worshipper paid over 3 years) or the Luke 9:6 level of $25,000 or more will save hundreds, if not thousands of lives. Talk with George Cooper or I if you need help or have other amounts in mind.

  • How can I help your church partner creatively with the Bishop's challenge? Please let me know how I can be an encourager and resource partner for you. 

Thank you and I look forward to serving and helping you meet the Bishop's challenge!

My prayers walk with you,

Dave Boling
Associate Director - Council on Development
Conference Field Coordinator - Imagine No Malaria

cc: Bishop Palmer, Cabinet, Conference & District Staff

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