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The communication infrastructure in Africa needed to be increased, so The United Methodist Church funded the development of 15 communication centers throughout Africa. We'll continue to strengthen this infrastructure not only to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, but also to increase awareness of malaria.

Education is a critical component in the fight against malaria. Volunteer community health care workers give demonstrations so individuals know how to appropriately use and maintain ben nets. Funding will help The United Methodist Church increase support for education so a greater number of communities will benefit.

The United Methodist Church has established an infrastructure of hospitals and clinics, many far off the beaten path. Treating malaria victims currently accounts for 60% of outpatient clinic visits. Today we support more than 300 health clinics and 5,800 health care workers on the ground by supporting the infrastructure, providing supplies, and training.

We know providing bed nets is an effective means of prevention. When 80% of a population is sleeping under a bed net, 100% of the population is actually protected. The United Methodist Church also funds indoor residual spraying and tools to drain standing water to decrease the areas where mosquitos breed and reduce the mosquito population.