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Making "Real Time" Difference in the Lives of Others

You, the people of the West Ohio Conference have a track record of making a ‘real time’ difference in the lives of the people of Africa!

  • Imagine raising enough funds to purchase a new Cessna Caravan for Wings of the Morning in North Katanga.

  • Imagine raising enough funds to send more than 15,600 nets to Africa for Nothing but Nets.

  • Imagine over a 160 years of missionary presence and a heritage of healing on the continent of Africa.

Now, Imagine a New "Real Time" Goal for Today
... Saving 350,000 Lives! 

Imagine No Malaria. Together, the people of West Ohio Conference are doing just that! Working together we’ll raise 3.5 million dollars to help eliminate death and suffering from this deadly disease by the year 2015. 

What if you could save a life?

What if you could help empower a whole community to take charge of their health and wellness? What if you could support local United Methodist churches, clinics, and schools all across the continent of Africa as they work to beat malaria?

Every sixty seconds, malaria claims another life.

A completely preventable, treatable, and beatable disease is bleeding the continent of Africa but we have been called by God to make a difference… to preach the gospel, heal the sick and to save lives.

We are not alone in this task!

This is a connectional effort involving more than 18 Annual Conferences across the United States. Together we are committed to raising 75 million dollars for Imagine No Malaria. 

Is this just about money?

Imagine No Malaria takes a holistic approach to the work of healing and health. Learn more about this comprehensive program and its work on the ground in Africa by reading about Our Program.  

Be sure to read how The United Methodist Church is impacting lives by reading Our Stories of the work here in West Ohio and how it’s saving lives in Africa.