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Dear God,

Today, I pray for Africa land of sunshine and shadow, the continent on which God puts more sunlight every day than upon any other and yet whose people for centuries have been enslaved and killed by war and who today in the blaze of our Christian love sit too often in midnight darkness. Africa I pray for thee.   


Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell

I pray, I plead for Africa where the early Christian church had some its greatest triumphs, that gave the church and the world the apostle’s creed, cradled the  infant Christ in safety and whose son carried the cross for my fainting Savior as he went to Calvary.

O Africa I plead for thee; for thee I live, for thee I pray and for thee and if it be God's will I give my life. 


Bishop Joseph Crane Hartzell

Dear Lord Jesus,

I hear that the United Methodist Church wishes to do away with malaria in Africa.  This task is huge.  Africa is a very large continent with many countries and many climates and thousands of tribes of people with thousands of languages.  There are thousands of villages which have never been visited by medical workers before.  Oh Lord, this task is going to be enormous.  We confess that our faith nearly falters in hoping to wipe out this disease.

Lord Jesus, You know all the babies that die from malaria, You know the children and teens and adults that suffer at times or die from this disease.  You know the poverty that millions live in.  But Lord, You know the people in this country or Europe who may hear Your call to engage in the work of training Africans to use nets over their beds.  You know the anti-malarial drugs that can be used, and the instructions that can be given them for their use.  Lord, You saved me from dying from a bad case of malaria when I was working in Africa -- may we give the same possibilities to suffering Africans.

Lord Jesus, for those who cannot go, may they give liberally from their finances to help many go from here, and many Africans to engage in this work also.  Raise up a multitude to respond to this need.  May there be thousands in Africa who live because the United Methodist Church responds to Your call.

We ask this in the name of our Savior and divine Physician, Jesus Christ,  Amen.

Rev. James R. Stevenson

About the author:

Rev. James R. Stevenson is married to a Congo missionary daughter, Martha DeRuiter. This past September they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Together they served in the Democratic. Republic of Congo, leaving New York City in July of 1955 and going to Belgium for French studies, then on to the Congo.  Rev. Stevenson writes: my first main duty was to become the Central Congo mission printer/director on which I spent a lot of time doing that work, with a few other tasks added at times.  My last year and a half I was the field treasurer for the Central Congo, the Southern Congo and the provisional conference in between.  Martha went out as a nurse, directed the busy dispensary and taught courses at the home economics school.  In 1970 while on furlough we received a letter from the Board of Missions saying that they would not send us back because of all the rebel movements active in Congo at that time.  Already much of the work in the Congo had been turned over to the African leaders.  

Returning to West Ohio Reverend Stevenson then served as Pastor at Whitehall and then later at Van Wert and Springfield.  After retiring he served about four and a half years as a visiting pastor at Maize Manor UMC.

            Truly, the Lord has been good to us.


Incline our ears to the sounds of Africa, O Lord,

hard as it may be,

teach us the cries of those with killer diseases,

and those with broken hearts over the death of a child.

Give us a servant's heart.

For you have heard our prayers and filled us with your grace,

our cup overflows with your steadfast love. 

Use our prayers to dry the tears of the Africa,

so together, although thousands of miles apart,

we lift each other's souls to you O God, with thanksgiving and praise.

In Jesus Name, we pray,


Dave Boling


Wherever I am, you are,

Wherever I go, you are there,

Alive in my heart,

still my soul searches for you

            and I find you in the eyes and words of another,

Use the aliveness of my heart to help people dying from malaria.

Through you O God, I know it will be so.

In Jesus Name,


Dave Boling

An Offering Prayer for Imagine No Malaria

Will you pray with me?

O ever listening God, hear our prayer as we bring our offering for Imagine No Malaria to this your table.

Let these gifts be more than just coins in a plate.

Let them be symbolic of our love for you and our fellow man, wherever they may live, but especially today for our neighbors in Africa who are holding children, theirs, yours as they suffer with malaria.

Use these gifts; use us in ways we have not yet dreamed to imagine a world free of death by malaria.

 From our abundance, from our hope we give, we pray. Amen  

Dave Boling

Lord, you love all your children you have created, especially the wee innocent ones, so needy with mothers malnourished and lacking enough milk. Have mercy, Lord, on these precious vulnerable ones, so susceptible to the ubiquitous mosquito. Use us, Lord, to be arms of your compassion through the "Imagine No Malaria" campaign. Hallelujah!

Father-Mother God, we pray for the mothers in those developing countries who work so hard in home and field to provide for their families. We pray for funds to buy nets so these mothers can get peaceful sleep at night and be protected from the annoying, disease-carrying mosquitos.

Father God, loving Father to all the fathers of your world, we lift these men before you to strengthen their bodies through adequate nourishing food, clean water, and nets to protect them at night from the ravenous malaria-carrying mosquitos. Thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.

Norma Seaman

Father, just now we pray for those thousands who lie on beds of suffering with high fever, delirium and no hope. Come to them, Lord Jesus, and reveal your love. May they receive your peace and healing. Cause nets to become available to them so they never again have such episodes of misery and near-death experiences. Cause your blessed people to make this possible and to be a blessing. We're grateful, Lord. Amen - (it shall be so)

Norma Seaman

Dear Lord,

We pray for your beloved ones on beds of fever and complications often complicated by war and living in refugee camps. God, provide medical care for them and nets when they eventually get back home. Have mercy, Lord, and let us do our part to answer this prayer. In the powerful name of Jesus, by the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Norma Seaman

About the author:

Norma and Alan Seaman

Once missionaries in far off lands, Alan and Norma Seaman have spent their lives following God's will for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, using their unique talents, education and experiences.  They wanted to share God's love to make the lives of others a little better.

In 1963 the entire Seaman family moved to Pakistan to begin a ten-year journey as United Methodist missionaries.  Upon their return Alan served as a pastor in the West Ohio Conference.  In 1986 they were assigned to Nigeria where their assignment changed suddenly from agricultural extension work to a fledgling Village Wells Project when water became a critical issue.  Helping meet the desperate needs of a million people in a thousand villages in Nigeria, Rev. Seaman developed the Village Water Project (VWP) as a self-help project.  The impoverished villagers were asked to contribute abundantly available items:  their own unskilled labor, plus sand and gravel.  VWP provided cement, equipment, trained personnel and other essential elements of building wells.  Since returning home in 1990, Norma was a member of the Catastrophic Disaster Response Team of the United Methodist Committee on Relief and Alan, who had to struggle with four foreign languages while serving in Pakistan and Nigeria, helped with English As A Second Language needs in local schools as well as the Fayette County Adult Basic and Literacy Education program where he taught students from several countries.  Reverend Alan and Mrs. Norma Seaman now make their home at Otterbein Lebanon.  We thank them for their prayers for Imagine No Malaria.